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I've finally completed my very first fanworks exchange, Kaleidoscope 2012! There were many, many excellent works this year, and I'm so glad I decided to participate. It was a lot of fun.

First of all, the amazing excellent beautiful gift I received:

The Second Time, Sungkyunkwan Scandal - AT LAST my dreams of lesbian Sungkyunkwan Scandal fanworks have come to fruition in this adorable, hilarious fic! Choseon the Mysterious Rogue! Hyo-eun who takes like a total of five seconds to decide she is completely in love and proceeds to save said object-of-affection! JAE-SHIN who is all “worry not fair maiden, I’m doing this for show anyway!” IT’S JUST PERFECT AND FULL OF ALL THE THINGS I WANTED. Thank you Author, you are awesome.


Jezebel, Capital Scandal - Could this be the most perfect Capital Scandal mv that has ever/will ever exist? Highly probable. Heartbreaking, beautiful character study of Cha Song-joo. All the feelings. All the tears.

Yeol, Han (열, 한), Capital Scandal - Lovely Cha Song-joo POV fic, ruminating over the nature of her relationship with the revolution and Yeo-kyung.

Nothing Like a Fairytale, Capital Scandal - Lady friendships and incorporation of fairytale themes. What more could you want??

our dreams will carry us, Capital Scandal - YES A CAPITAL SCANDAL FANMIX! I can’t wait to put this together on my iPod and cry every time I listen to it.

Over the Entryway, Keizoku 2: SPEC - Delightful, feelings-inducing glimpses into Sebumi and Toma's relationship. FANTASTIC TOMA CHARACTERIZATION.

new revo(lu)tion
, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - I love this look into the life and times of one Charlotte Lu, especially her relationships with her sister Maria, their mom (!!!), as well as Lizzie. Lovely fic.

Seven Wishes for Charlotte Lu
, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - A lovely look at the history of Charlotte's friendship with Lizzie.

My Teacher is a Gangster, Gokusen - HILARITY. Future, third-person POV look at our beloved protagonists!

Five Times a Woman Became a Man: Five Versions of Mulan, Chinese Mythology - Amazing fic about evolving mythology, gender presentation/identity, and family.

Thank you, Kaleidoscope, for making me write again, reminding me how much fun writing is, and showing me I was still capable of writing things I actually like!



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